Meet the Team.

Meet the individuals who are responsible for the development of Towne Housing Real Estate and our Partnered Investment Companies.

Executive Team.

jeremy_ballsmith_headshot_1Jeremy M. Ballsmith
Managing Partner, Licensed R. E. Broker

As Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Towne Housing Real Estate, Jeremy is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. As a licensed Real Estate Broker and real estate investor of 5+ years, he plays a critical role in the execution of the company’s business plan. His attention to detail and decision making process has proven successful in the real estate investment and management industry. His unique approach to real estate is one proven by his successes in Towne Housing since its inception, in January of 2012.


Michael L. Ballsmith
Senior Partner

As a Co-Founding Partner of Towne Housing Real Estate, Michael is responsible for aiding in the legal and organizational development of the company. As a real estate investor of more than 10 years, he plays a direct role in the development of new business plans, strategies and financial management. Other responsibilities include the management of new and existing contractors and sourcing for new residents. As a small business owner for more than 20 years, his abilities as a strategic planner and complex decision maker have proven successful throughout his career and various businesses.

Walter G. Smith
Director of Maintenance

As Maintenance Director for Towne Housing Real Estate, Walter is responsible for the successful maintenance of all real estate investments in our portfolio and the portfolios of our clients. With over 20 years’ experience as an independent contractor, Walter brings un-paralleled experience and professionalism to the team. Often times Walter can be found working on a property or answering a maintenance call from a resident. Ensuring he does his work in an efficient and timely manner, it’s always expected he is the one to get the job done. He is aided by a team of responsible, talented and able contractors.

  • I have been a tenant here for over 6 months. Anytime there has been an issue or concern, the property owners have addressed it in a timely manner. The staff are always pleasant to deal with no matter the situation!!


  • The people at Towne Housing were fantastic to deal with. Whenever a problem arose within my apartment, they always handled it with haste and care. They always made me feel appreciated for being a good tenant. If you’re a good tenant too, expect Towne Housing to be a great landlord service to you.

    Former Resident

Rental Qualifying Standards

Please read carefully before submitting:

  1. Towne Housing Real Estate does not insure tenant's personal property. All tenants must have renter's insurance for their own protection.
  2. Application Fee of $35.00 is charged to the accepted applicant at or prior to signing of lease agreement.
  3. I understand that pets are not permitted without prior approval and agreement to any and all restrictions of Landlord. If permission is granted for a pet, I understand a pet fee is charged and a Lease Addendum Governing Pets must be attached to lease agreement.
  4. An initial holding fee equal to one month's rent is requited by the accepted applicant (will be transferred as security deposit).

Applicant acknowledges that this application has been personally filled out by the applicant and the information provided is true and complete. Applicant authorizes verification of any information contained in this application. The holding fee paid is not refundable after 72 hours if this application is approved following verification. The full security deposit, first month's rent, prorated rent (if applicable), application fee, & pet fee (if applicable) are due at or prior to signing.