Meet the Company.

Towne Housing Real Estate was a Real Estate Investment Firm incorporated in January of 2012. Upon our inception the main focus of our business was to purchase multi-family apartment buildings and to aid our clients in the management, purchase and selling of their real estate. As a Real Estate Company, Towne focused not just on the development of its portfolio, but the management of its clients, assets, people and services.

The company’s first investment was a 4 unit apartment complex that had deteriorated tremendously under previous management4 Unit Apartment Property managed by Towne Housing, LLC. Shortly after purchase the property underwent a 6 month renovation. The property re-opened to its first set of residents. The property remains apart of the Towne Housing portfolio and continues to be a reminder of where we began as a company and how far we have come.

Towne Housing Real Estate offers a great product, excellent customer service and easy to understand lease agreements that allow people to live a flexible life as they see fit. It is our vision to provide residents with an experience they are proud to be a part of. Towne offers fast responding customer service, maintenance assistance and provides residents with the services needed and desired including; on site storage, off street parking, on site laundry facilities* and continuous property updates and repairs to make living accommodations more desirable. *Available at select properties.

The company has since evolved into a much larger operation. In December 2014, Towne became a licensed Brokerage Firm allowing the company to offer both Property Management and Brokerage services to investors and clients. With several years of successful property management experience we are now able to offer incredible value to our clients who own or invest in multi-family property. In August 2015, the company began developing its product. Through the growth of our product we experienced a growth in our team and knowledge. Today we handle all aspects of our remodels from the demolition to fixture installation and project management.

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  • I have been a tenant here for over 6 months. Anytime there has been an issue or concern, the property owners have addressed it in a timely manner. The staff are always pleasant to deal with no matter the situation!!


  • The people at Towne Housing were fantastic to deal with. Whenever a problem arose within my apartment, they always handled it with haste and care. They always made me feel appreciated for being a good tenant. If you’re a good tenant too, expect Towne Housing to be a great landlord service to you.

    Former Resident

Rental Qualifying Standards

Please read carefully before submitting:

  1. Towne Housing Real Estate does not insure tenant's personal property. All tenants must have renter's insurance for their own protection.
  2. Application Fee of $35.00 is charged to the accepted applicant at or prior to signing of lease agreement.
  3. I understand that pets are not permitted without prior approval and agreement to any and all restrictions of Landlord. If permission is granted for a pet, I understand a pet fee is charged and a Lease Addendum Governing Pets must be attached to lease agreement.
  4. An initial holding fee equal to one month's rent is requited by the accepted applicant (will be transferred as security deposit).

Applicant acknowledges that this application has been personally filled out by the applicant and the information provided is true and complete. Applicant authorizes verification of any information contained in this application. The holding fee paid is not refundable after 72 hours if this application is approved following verification. The full security deposit, first month's rent, prorated rent (if applicable), application fee, & pet fee (if applicable) are due at or prior to signing.